MyDocSafe for Xero

MyDocSafe for Xero lets you automatically create client portals whenever you create a client in Xero. Creating a client in Xero means adding an invoice to a contact. When that is done, MyDocSafe will automatically create a portal in your chosen portal group and invite your client to it.

If you are using MyDocSafe Proposals and choose Xero as an invoicing method, we will automatically create one-off or repeating invoices in Xero in draft mode.

Xero integration

Table of contents

  1. Getting started
  2. Data flow diagram
  3. Contacts
  4. Invoices
  5. FAQs

1. Getting started

a. Login to MyDocSafe, then click on your company name or logo in the top left corner and then select Company Settings

b. Then, go to ‘Integrations’ tab

c. Scroll down to the Xero section

d. To establish a connection, click on ‘Connect Xero Account’. You will be redirected to Xero and will be asked to provide your Xero login credentials and ‘allow MyDocSafe access to your Xero data’

2. Data flow diagram

3. Contacts

MyDocSafe Xero integration lets you import client contact details to Company contacts whenever a new contact is created in Xero. To enable this option, tick the box as shown below

You can also automatically create a client portal whenever you create a client in Xero by ticking the second box as shown below. If you have more than portal group, you will be asked to select one.

Finally, if you have been using Xero for a while and would like to automatically create client portals for all existing Xero clients, tick on the last option.

4. Invoices

You can automatically create invoices in Xero whenever you onboard, renew or bill a client through MyDocSafe Proposals.

To use this option you need to click on Proposals and install the module if you have not yet done so.

In Proposals you can create services split into categories. Each category can have a different VAT treatment. You need to define categories first, services later. Once that is done you can then enable invoice creation and approval in Xero.

Go to Proposals -> Settings -> Payments and select the options you require.

You can automatically approve and send out to your client all one-off invoices generated in MyDocSafe Proposals.

a. For repeating invoices, we can create a draft in Xero which you will have to manually approve.

b. Lastly, you can then assign different service categories to different sales line items and determine other options.

Once an invoice is created in Xero and is approved, MyDocSafe will automatically import it in pdf format and save it in the Invoices section of the Proposal for your client convenience.

5. FAQs

a. How can I disconnect Xero from MyDocSafe?

  • Go to Company Settings in MyDocSafe -> Integrations -> scroll to the Xero section and select ‘disconnect’

b. What doesn’t your integration do?

  • We currently don’t do two way synching of contact information

c. When and how does data sync occur?

  • Data synch occurs in real time (when a relevant action happens either in MyDocSafe or in Xero)