Secure and elegant employee onboarding software

  • Design and deploy end-to-end employee onboarding workflows including e-forms, ID-checks and contract signing.

  • Embed the workflows in secure employee portals.

  • Use the portals for payslip distribution.

Automate employee onboarding processes.

  • Design bespoke onboarding flows for any type of employee role.

  • Combine form filling, file upload, AML checks, right-to-work checks and contract signing.

  • Invite your new hires to a secure portals where they will be able to complete the formalities in a secure and paperless environment.

MyDocSafe - digital signature workflow
MyDocSafe for HR

Build a better employer brand.

  • Help your new hires focus on what is important: their new job.

  • Give all employees access to portals with their own login credentials through which they will be able to access all forms, company policies and sign all required documents.

  • Reduce the time required to fulfil all formalities to the minimum.

  • Make your HR department more productive.

Distribute payslips with a click of a button.

  • Deliver your payslips directly into your employee portals at a click of a button.

  • Auto generate notifications that are deliver directly to their smartphones.

  • Improve security: no more emailing of pdf files

  • Improve efficiency: no more manual filing of electronic payslips and forgotten passwords.

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Comply with data protection and compliance laws.

  • Never again ask your new hires for sensitive information via email.

  • Keep your data in Europe for compliance reasons.   You can also implement data residency in a specific jurisdiction you require and set up a backup on a computer of your choice.

  • Manual processes result with unfilled or improperly filled forms and often require re-work causing frustration and delays. A digital onboarding process can incorporate optional and obligatory fields, conditional answers and check for data format improving data quality dramatically.

  • An automated onboarding process ensures that all compliance checks are taken care of. Additionally, a full historical log of past activities makes companies audit ready.

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Sell faster, work smarter.