Secure and elegant client onboarding.

  • Design and deploy end-to-end onboarding workflows including e-forms, ID-checks, contract signing and payment processing.

  • Reduce ‘time to revenue’ from new prospects.

  • Make a great first impression.

  • Never ask your prospects for sensitive information via email.

Automate client onboarding processes.

  • Design bespoke onboarding flows for every client type or service.

  • Combine form filling, file upload, AML checks, contract signing and payment collection in one seamless process.

MyDocSafe - digital signature workflow
MyDocSafe for HR

Superior client experience.

  • Make a great first impression: send a beautiful email with a single secure link to the sign-up process.

  • Give every customer a free portal with their copies of all signed documents.

  • Show off your brand.  Keep your brand presence in a private DocSafe of your client even after the engagement ends.

  • Signing up fast is a new source of competitive advantage.  Taking too long to onboard clients can cause them to go elsewhere.  Speed, accuracy and data security are therefore new ways to improve customer experience and loyalty.

Grow your revenue faster.

  • Signup new customers in minutes rather than days.

  • Improve data quality provided by prospects.

  • Reduce deal abort risk.

  • Cut costs with real-time AML/KYC checks that work in 132 countries.

MyDocSafe grow your business faster
MyDocSafe pick data residency

Keep your data in Europe.

  • Keep your data in Europe for compliance reasons.

  • Implement data residency in a specific jurisdiction you require.

  • Set up a backup on a computer of your choice.

  • Get ready for GDPR

Comply with data protection and compliance laws.

  • Never again ask prospects for sensitive information via email.

  • Keep your data in Europe for compliance reasons.   You can also implement data residency in a specific jurisdiction you require and set up a backup on a computer of your choice.

  • Manual processes result with unfilled or improperly filled forms and often require re-work causing frustration and delays. A digital onboarding process can incorporate optional and obligatory fields, conditional answers and check for data format improving data quality dramatically.

  • An automated onboarding process ensures that all compliance checks are taken care of. Additionally, a full historical log of past activities makes companies audit ready.

MyDocSafe individually encrypted
mydocsafe self-host

Improve data security.


  • Get ready for GDPR compliance.

  • Control access privileges to personal data.

  • Keep data encrypted.

And more…

  • Electronic forms to manage client queries and secure data input.

  • Templates to design your own bespoke contracts.

  • Workflow orchestration engine allowing you to build a flow from your own elements (such as forms, contracts, direct debit mandates, ID checks) into your bespoke onboarding experience.

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Sell faster, work smarter.