Email encryption software

  • Send encrypted emails directly from Outlook

  • Use end-to-end encryption for ultra sensitive business

  • Prevent decrypted data to linger in your Sent Items

Use MyDocSafe to send, receive and read encrypted emails.

  • Send an encrypted email directly from Outlook.

  • Your recipient receives a notification to login, read and reply to the email in MyDocSafe

  • The email you sent out is saved in an encrypted form in your Outlook Sent Items

  • Messages are also stored in an inbox in recipient’s MyDocSafe account.

Use end-to-end encryption for ultra sensitive business.

  • Both the sender and the recipient need to have a valid Outlook plugin. MyDocSafe is only used to generate and distribute encryption keys (public keys are stored, private keys are forgotten)

  • Messages travel in encrypted form using your email system.  They are decrypted locally using recipient’s private key

  • Messages are not stored in MyDocSafe

Control your email encryption keys.

  • Invalidate your keys at any time. Generate new ones at a click of a button in your MyDocSafe account.

  • Keys are stored lMyDocSafe Office365 plugin locally (or in the cloud, if you install the cloud version of the plugin)

Works on Windows, iOS and in most browsers.

  • For download and installation instructions go here

  • If you do not use Outlook but like the sound of encrypted email, contact us here