Secure and streamline form filling, applications and sign-ups with MyDocSafe’s school document management software

  • Streamline and automate online admissions

  • Securely share school information in branded parent portals

  • Simplify trip sign-ups and bursary applications

  • Customise and manage school place acceptance and rejection letters

  • Streamline e-signature collections with efficient, easy-to-use software

  • Cut costs, improve productivity and deliver a better experience to students, parents and governors

Get verified e-signatures on every important school document

  • Collect legally binding approvals from parents in seconds rather than days.

  • Finish HR processes faster and give your staff the digital experiences they expect.

  • Cut contract cycle times, reduce completion risk, and onboard your vendors faster.

  • Automate document distribution, encryption and archiving.

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customer portals

Save staff and applicant time with automated online admissions

  • Combine electronic forms with agreements and payments to build and deploy end-to-end electronic experience for student enrolment, school trips, and bursary applications.

  • Save everyone filing time.

  • Monitor progress, automate reminders and alerts.

  • Stay GDPR compliant

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Easily share sensitive information in staff and parent portals

  • Deploy parent portals for invoices, signed agreements and student reports.

  • Similarly, offer your staff private portals for payslips and employment related documents.

  • Manage multiple school brands from within one account.

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Protect and manage all school documents with industry-leading security

  • Manage access to documents, folder or student portals on a granular level to prevent oversharing of sensitive information even within your team.

  • Stay protected with banking-grade public key cryptography that is used to encrypt your documents.

  • Manage encryption keys for extra protection.  Keep the keys yourself, escrow them with a third party or let us manage them for you.

  • Keep your data in Europe.  Or ask for a bespoke backup services

Extra security features

Add advanced security features where required

  • Use electronic signature with SMS verification or facial recognition checks.

  • Verify authenticity of e-signature through our verification page.

  • Escrow private encryption keys with a reputable third party or hold them yourself for added re-assurance.

Extra security features

School Document management software to improve admissions, sign-ups and applications