End-to-end client onboarding and portals for wealth managers and financial planners

  • Automate quotes and proposals for faster client onboarding

  • Send secure fact-finding forms for greater engagement

  • Check for fraud with integrated KYC and AML checks

  • Store and share all sensitive client documents in individual portals

  • Easily request approvals with advanced e-signatures

  • The only document management software financial planners need to engage, service and upsell

Use fact-finding forms for quicker, more accurate data collection

  • Pre-loaded fact find portal with more than 25 forms.

  • Easily adjusted for your business’s requirements.

  • Integrated with the Companies House and address lookup

  • Benefits include: Improved data quality and speed of obtaining detailed client briefs, lower ‘deal abort risk’ and faster ‘time to revenue’.

Electronic signature icon

Get verified e-signatures on every financial document

  • Electronic signature for any type of transaction: sign-up clients, hire staff, onboard suppliers, work with existing clients.

  • Give your clients and employees the digital experience they expect: no more filing, no more email attachments.

  • Send new terms and conditions to all your clients for signing in seconds. We will do the chasing and housekeeping.  At the end of the process each signed copy will appear in a specific client folder.

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Automate client onboarding processes

Build and automate client onboarding processes in minutes

  • Design and deploy end-to-end onboarding workflows for a fully automated client on-boarding experience.

  • Reduce ‘time to revenue’ from new prospects.

  • Make a great first impression.

  • Never ask your prospects for sensitive information via email.

Add KYC / AML checks into a seamless signup process icon

Combat fraud with seamless AML/KYC checks

  • Real-time name, address and document verification

  • Incorporated into seamless on-boarding processes

  • Or used as a stand-alone service

Add KYC / AML checks into a seamless signup process icon
granular access rights icon

Protect and manage all documents with industry-leading security

  • Fully-fledged DMS for professional services firms.

  • Granular access rights ideal for both internal teams and clients that allows you to ring fence sensitive information from staff that do not need access to it.

  • Encryption key management service available for extra protection.  Keep the keys yourself, escrow them with a third party or let us manage them for you.

  • Customer portals that show off your brand.  Stay top-of-mind by keeping your brand in a private DocSafe of your client even for one-off transactions or after engagement ends.

  • Data held in Europe.  Bespoke backup services are available.

Extra security features

Add advanced security features where required

  • Use electronic signature with SMS verification or facial recognition checks.

  • Verify authenticity of e-signature through our verification page.

  • Stamp important documents on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Escrow private encryption keys with a reputable third party or hold them yourself for added re-assurance.

Extra security features

Document management to help financial services to sign up, service and retain clients