Tenant on-boarding platform for landlords and real estate agencies.

  • Design bespoke intake forms.

  • Run ID and document checks.

  • E-sign tenancy agreements.

  • Design your own end-to-end on-boarding process.

Secure transaction portals.

  • Let your customers login to their secure portals through which they can complete the entire process of rending the property.

  • Design your own steps, use your templates, setup automatic reminders and mobile app notifications.

  • Comply with GDPR

Parent and staff portals - MyDocSafe
MyDocSafe for HR

Automate and secure your tenant on-boarding.

  • Standardise your process

  • Collect data, check identity and documents, sign contracts

  • Collect your fees and deposits

  • Take the stress, delays and errors out of the equation.

  • Save everyone filing time.

  • Monitor progress, automate reminders and alerts.

  • Make contract renewals fast and easy.

  • Get ready for GDPR compliance

E-signature for every situation.

  • Sign legally binding contracts in minutes.

  • Cut contract cycle times, reduce completion risk, and onboard your vendors faster.

  • Automate document distribution, encryption and archiving.

MyDocSafe - digital signature workflow

For faster deals and happier tenants.