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Data security and workflow automation solutions.

  • Advanced electronic signature for internal and external processes.

  • Workflow automation solutions.

  • Data encryption with public key infrastructure.

  • Data integrity checks with blockchain anchoring.

  • Encryption key management services.

  • Bespoke backup and on-site hosting services.

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Electronic signature solutions.

  • Electronic signature for any type of transaction: sign-up clients, hire staff, onboard suppliers, work with existing clients.

  • Give your clients and employees the digital experience they expect: no more filing, no more email attachments.

  • Available either as a stand alone service or via an API.

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Workflow automation solutions.

  • From client onboarding to workplace compliance: design and deploy complex workflows that can span corporate borders, yet remain secure and fully automated.

  • Plug into your legacy systems for seamless back-office to front-office communication.

  • Build logic flows and external services into our workflows orchestration engine for seamless experience.

  • Improve staff productivity and satisfaction.

  • Improve your service quality with client portals that automate house-keeping and archiving.

Blockchain solutions.

  • Time stamping documents on Ethereum blockchain for trustless proof of data ownership.

  • Free document integrity checking.

  • Database anchoring to detect data corruption or hacking.

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Data security solutions.

  • Bespoke on-premise backups and installations.

  • Data encryption.

  • Encryption key management services

  • Penetration tests of existing infrastructure.

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Secure document distribution.

  • Your digital post office for sensitive documents: from payslips to contracts and deal bibles.

  • Documents never travel by email.

  • Delivery receipts and full history and access logs.

Cloud security solutions.