MyDocSafe builds value added services on top of secure data storage.

We automate onboarding and personal document management.

We help streamline the way companies sign up their clients.  We digitise and secure the entire end-to-end process saving companies time and money.  Instead of receiving documents from companies by email or post (such as banks, utilities, telcos, insurers, mortgage providers or employers), customers get that information directly in their MyDocSafe. MyDocSafe automatically organises documents into folders for easy access and searching. Changing employers or providers does not effect access to data.

We streamline document flows.

We built an advanced electronic signature facility through which we empower users and companies to simplify their document approval and signing process. With MyDocSafe you can now send documents for signing to one or many people, customised on-the-fly if required. Once all parties sign the document, its signed version is archived in MyDocSafe, accessible by all relevant parties.

We empower companies to compete on superior customer service.

By offing MyDocSafe portals to their employees, customers, and shareholders, companies are able to extend their brand presence, improve customer service and quality of communication.

We help companies comply with GDPR.

Our technology is built with security in mind.  On top of that we developed an audit and record keeping tool for companies that fall under GDPR.

DocSafe Limited

Bedford i-Hub,
28 Cauldwell Street, MK42 9AD, Bedford, United Kingdom

Company number: 08737547

Key people


Daniel Stachowiak

MD and co-founder

Previously at Jupiter Asset Management, McKinsey & Company and Monitor Group. Former board director of (now JRNI).


Philip Crawford

Chairman and co-founder

Serial venture investor. Previously CEO of Bull Plc, President of EDS and SVP at Oracle.


Glenn Shoosmith

SerialTechnology adviser and co-founder

CEO and founder of


Niall Giggins

Technology adviser – security

Head of Engineering at, perviously at Bright Things Plc.


Alan Underdown

Board adviser – sales and marketing

Previously MD Europe at Satuit Technologies and Head of Technical Strategy at Jupiter Asset Management.