Simple, Secure, Streamlined HR document management software

  • Onboard new employees faster and reduce wasted admin time

  • Save on payslip distribution costs with secure cloud sharing

  • Easily comply with all workplace regulations

  • The only HR document management software you need to go green, improve efficiencies and boost security

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Faster, automated employee onboarding to save you time

  • Design and deploy end-to-end employee onboarding workflows: from e-forms, ID checks to contract signing and setting up payment facilities.

  • Reduce hiring time and cost: each new hire goes through a fully automated process that you control.

  • Make a great first impression: signed copies of contracts automatically appear in a new hire’s personal DocSafe.

  • Set up new generation employee portals: documents belong to employees, you control the brand experience.

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Share, track and secure documents for easy workplace compliance

  • Comply with workplace regulations by automating employee training, form signing and document distribution.

  • Easily track progress and status of signed documents.

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of audits with our cloud data room solution and audit trail facility.

Distribute payslips with a click of a button icon

Quickly distribute payslips and stop wasting time printing and filing

  • Stop wasting employees’ time by sending them paper payslips or encrypted email attachments.  It costs you and them hundreds of hours of lost productivity as these documents needs to be manually handled and transferred to private storage.

  • Our automated and secure payslip distribution facility not only cuts distribution cost and removes all manual handling but also leaves you with proof of delivery keeping you compliant.

  • The service is available both as a stand along facility (simple ‘drag/drop’) or as a fully fledged integration with your payroll systems.

  • Since the documents are owned by the employees from the moment they are delivered, no additional document transfer is required after employment ends

Distribute payslips with a click of a button icon
Extra security features

Add advanced security features where required

  • Our data is kept in Europe.  We can also divert data storage to bespoke locations.

  • Use two-factor-authentication using messaging or facial recognition for added security.

  • Encrypt your data and manage or escrow your private encryption keys.

  • Designate a data controller and grant granular access rights to employee data depending on the role profile.

HR Document management software to save time, save effort and save money.