Salesforce document management

MyDocSafe document management for Salesforce is a listed Component in Salesforce AppExchange that allows companies to place MyDocSafe e-sign button on any page where it is required. The button can be used to trigger e-signature requests for three types of documents:

  • Documents stored locally

  • Documents stored in Salesforce

  • Salesforce records (such as invoices etc)

  • Signed versions of the documents can be filed in specific client portals in MyDocSafe and/or in a relevant records in Salesforce.


See installation instructions below or contact for pricing information.

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1. Choose who should have access to MyDocSafe functionality.

2. Grant access and click ‘Continue’.

3. Wait for the installation to complete.

4. Click ‘Done’ when installation is completed.

5. Review the installed package (optional).

6. Review the installed package (optional).

7. Go to a page where you would like to install MyDocSafe widget, click  on settings ‘edit page’, then pick the Custom add in. Please note that in order for Custom add-ins to be visible, you need to activate your domain name for Salesforce first.

8 Activate the connection.

9. You are now ready to start sending documents for e-signature.