Electronic signature solutions

Elegant, fast and secure – a better way to get things signed.

  • Very competitive prices.

  • Sign engagement letters, contracts and complex multi-party deals.

  • Automate notifications, reminders and filing.

  • Verify electronically signed documents for free here.

  • Add additional authentication methods for extra security.

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Best prices on the market.

  • 300 documents per month for £15 for up to 3 desks

  • 500 documents per month for £45 for up to 10 desks

  • or £0.50 per document without monthly subscription

Speed up every workflow

  • Electronic signature for any type of transaction: sign-up clients, hire staff, onboard suppliers.

  • Give your clients and employees the digital experience they expect: no more filing, no more email attachments.

  • Automate document distribution, encryption and archiving.

MyDocSafe - Speed up every workflow
MyDocSafe: safe your customers time

Save your customers time.

  • Give every signing party a portal where their documents are automatically stored.

  • Add your brand for additional impact.

  • Save everyone filing time with our automated document filing service.

Grow your business faster.

  • Reduce ‘time to revenue’ with our automated onboarding engine.

  • Mitigate deal completion risk.

  • Expand your business to new geographies by using our electronic signature to seal deals with clients located anywhere in Europe or the US (or wherever electronic signature legislation exists).

MyDocSafe - data protection laws

Comply with data protection laws.

  • Keep your data in Europe for compliance reasons

  • Implement data residency in a specific jurisdiction you require.

  • Set up a backup on a computer of your choice.

Secure delivery and sharing.

  • Securely distribute copies of sensitive contracts without leaving MyDocSafe.

  • Remove the risk of accidental deletion of a shared copy.

  • Cut audit and compliance cost via secure sharing.

  • Grant granular access rights to specific files or folders to team members, auditors or clients.

MyDocSafe: secure delivery and sharing
MyDocSafe individually encrypted

Extra security features.

  • Use electronic signature with SMS verification or

  • facial recognition checks.

  • Verify authenticity of e-signature through our verification page.

  • Stamp important documents on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Escrow private encryption keys with a reputable third party or hold them yourself for added re-assurance.

And more…

  • Sending more than one document for signing.

  • Round-robin signing procedure with many signing parties.

  • Compare documents before signing.

  • Automatic or manual reminders.

  • Automatic filing of signed copies in a designated folder.

  • Checking for co-location of witnesses when signing deeds.

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Sell faster, work smarter.