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GDPR compliance dashboard

  • A must-have tool for your Data Protection Officer

  • Manage your GDPR compliance processes

  • Create inventory of personal data

  • Log and respond to incidents

  • Process user requests for data access, rectification, erasure and portability

  • Manage your training materials and legal notices

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General Data Protection Regulation becomes law in May 2018.

  • Anyone who collects or manages personal data of EU based persons must comply.

  • Non compliance risks heavy penalties (4% of global revenues or Eur 20m, whichever is higher).

  • If you are new to GDPR, read ICO’s “How to comply” guide here

  • To learn more about our client portal technology, go here

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Getting ready for the new legislation requires modern tools.

  • An Excel spreadsheet will not cut it.

  • You must be able to demonstrate compliance and keep an audit trail.

Flexibility to fit any requirements.

  • Adjust our GDPR compliance dashboard to fit your needs.

  • Add new buttons, sections, logs and repositories
  • No programming skills are necessary

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The image below shows a typical dashboard.  Each button is editable and leads to a set of forms, log databases and document repositories.  The forms and logs are editable and can be adjusted to fit particular needs and processes of your company.  Our enterprise clients can also benefit from advanced features such as internal approval process flows that use our electronic signature technology and decision making modules.

Please note that the dashboard does not constitute legal advice and does not provide any guarantees of compliance.

GDPR – an opportunity to build client confidence and transparency.