The only KYC & AML software you need to automate ID and background checks

  • Know your customers and enjoy peace of mind for all new transactions with integrated KYC software

  • Meet legal requirements on anti-money laundering with AML software built into onboarding processes

  • Secure your business with real-time background checks on new employees and customers, with name, address and document verification.

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow processes or as a stand-alone service, MyDocSafe KYC & AML checks quickly and simply to help your organization combat fraud and corruption.

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Verify identities in real time with automated AML software

MyDocSafe uses state-of-the-art anti-money laundering software to verify identities of employees, clients and contractors in real time.

Check a name, address or birth date with rapid cross-referencing against a range of databases, including 1.2 million stolen identities. Or check documents and signatures using our advanced verification feature.

When a red-flag alert is raised, you’re notified immediately. It helps you prevent fraud and meet any mandatory requirements you have for background checks.

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Reduce admin time with seamlessly integrated background checks

  • Simply add ID checks to your automated onboarding process. When the previous task is complete, verification checks are run.

  • Move background checks earlier in the process to prevent wasted time on invalid employee and client onboarding

  • Stop prospects waiting around for time-consuming identity checks when they can be completed automatically

Grow your revenue faster

Faster, surer business growth with hassle-free KYC software

When you use MyDocSafe’s AML and KYC software as part of any onboarding workflow, you’ll instantly increase productivity and speed up the contract signing process. A seamless end-to-end customer experience.

You’ll also get guaranteed peace of mind that your business is conducting all the relevant fraud checks and not working with criminals, so you can be confident in your business growth.


Grow your revenue faster

The simple, secure, streamlined KYC and AML software