The only eForms software you need to improve client engagement and collect valuable customer data

  • Design and deploy secure, custom webforms in seconds

  • Choose from a wide selection of templates to gather prospect information

  • Share via email, website links, client portals or social media pages

Improve customer, client and employee engagement by saying goodbye to tired, outdated forms and hello to simpler, smarter eForms.

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Ask smarter questions with MyDocSafe eForms

With a wide range of customizable widgets, creating your own smart eForm is quick, simple and highly effective.

Choose from text fields, email address fields, dates, multiple choice questions, file uploads and more.

Set conditional questions and use embedded logic to show or hide parts of the form depending on the selections users make.

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Secure easier and more valuable responses

MyDocSafe’s smart eForm software is the fast, efficient and engaging way to share surveys, fact-finding documents and other information requests with prospects and customers.

Branded to your business, it’s quick and easy for users to complete – so they’re more likely to do so. Each eForm also has built-in data functionality to make sure you receive information in the right format (and prevent questions being skipped).

You get smarter, usable data that’s always protected to the highest security levels.

Integrate eForms into automated workflows

Every eForm you create can be positioned in custom workflows and onboarding processes:

  • Combine them with ID checks, contract signing and payment collection

  • Monitor progress in real time and send automated reminders to complete

  • Streamline productivity with templated forms that can be automatically personalized

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The simple, secure, streamlined eForms software