Adding electronic signature and client portals  to your BTCSoftware account.

Elegant, fast and secure – a better way to get things signed and published.

  • Send annual accounts for electronic signing directly from your BTCSoftware account

  • Counter-parties do not need new software to complete transactions.

  • Originals and signed documents will be seamlessly saved in your MyDocSafe account

  • Securely share documents via client portals

Installation instructions

Establish a connection

  1. Login to your BTCSoftware account
  2. Go to Administration -> Systems -> Options and then to Document Management System Options.
  3. Select MyDocSafe and save the settings
  4. Add a client letter and click “Send to Client for Review”
  5. Click on ‘To Portal’ button.
  6. If you have an existing MyDocSafe account – log in and allow BTCSoftware access to it.  If you do not – sign up first.
  7. Once the connection is established, you will be able to send documents for approval by providing the email address of the recipient or publish documents to client portals. You can start using the connection immediately however, please note that out-of-box connection settings may not be what you prefer.  That is why it is important to review the settings in MyDocSafe.

Review and adjust integration settings.

  1. Be default, documents sent for e-signatue and their signed versions are saved in a BTCSoftware folder. Also, documents published to client portals are saved in a ‘BTCSoftware’ portal group.  The system creates a portal in that portal group and invites your client to it.  This may not be what you would like to happen in case you use other portal groups for client communication
  2. To make changes to default settings login to MyDocSafe, go to ‘…’->’company settings’->’integrations’-> BTCSoftware and edit the settings by specifying where to save signed documents and published documents.

Advanced considerations

  1. You can embed e-signature field tags inside your client letters and engagement letters which can be automatically replaced with appropriate e-signature fields by MyDocSafe.  Just add {#signature.1#} in places where you want your client to sign.

Sell faster, work smarter.