Simple, secure, streamlined payroll document management software

  • Store paystubs and other sensitive financial information securely in the cloud

  • Drag/Drop paystubs directly to company or employee portals

  • Share payroll documents straight to employees’ cellphones – without compromising security

  • Speed up processes, reduce admin time and go fully paperless

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Eliminate payroll document filing and boost your security

  • Emailing payslips is a time consuming, inherently insecure and inefficient way to comply with the labour code.  Are you still using paper payslips? Think about the trees…

  • Password protected files cause problems later as employees forget the password.

  • Paper payslips or emailed payslips create unnecessary filing work.  Employees deserve better.

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Automated email filing

Faster distribution and instant notifications for employees

  • Employee portals for 24/7 access.

  • Mobile app with instant notifications.

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Seamlessly integrate your payroll software with MyDocSafe

  • If your payroll software allows it, we can automate payslip distribution end-to-end.

  • Let us know what software you use and we will check API availability.

Distribute payslips with a click of a button icon

Payroll document management software to sign up, service and retain clients