The only document management software you need to sign up, service and retain customers.

  • Simply upload documents and images to professional-grade cloud storage

  • Securely organize and share files with employees, clients and other authorized third parties

  • Easily grant permissions and restrict access internally and externally to prevent unauthorized document views

  • Quickly find important information using encrypted data search (coming soon)

Manage. Control. Automate. Share. Secure. Comply. And Integrate. All with MyDocSafe’s simple, secure, streamlined document management software.

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Manage client files and folders with fully branded customer portals

  • Upload sensitive documents to individual, branded client portals to quickly, easily and securely share with your customers.

  • Each portal can be customized and used to store and share any type of document or image. Use them for more efficient, more effective communication with customers, employees, stakeholders or external third parties.

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customer portals

Control access to sensitive documents and set custom permissions

  • Use granular access rights to restrict access to sensitive personal data

  • Meet GDPR and data protection regulations by limiting access to those highly sensitive files to a handful of approved team members

  • Give your data controller full permission to enact subject access requests when needed

  • Set different permissions for staff and customers, including read-only and read-write, and limit download functionality to only those who need it

Automated email filing

Automate filing with seamless email attachment management

  • Stop wasting time downloading email attachments, uploading to the cloud and organising into relevant client folders.

  • MyDocSafe Office365 plugin lets you file attachments away into specific folders directly from our Outlook.

  • Enterprise clients can claim a email address and can use it to forward emails with attachments.  Our smart document management software will automatically detach, file and encrypt all document attachments.

Automated email filing
data protection laws

If you want a fast, efficient and secure registered delivery service, MyDocSafe is your new post office

Send large documents or folders with bundles of files quickly and easily, without information ever leaving our secure cloud-based system. Send paystubs, invoices, deal bibles, board packs, contract folders and any other type of document simply and efficiently.

Plus every document sent can be fully tracked with delivery receipts and access logs, so you’ll always have a full audit trail.

Registered delivery of large or sensitive documents

Secure sensitive data with public/private encryption keys

MyDocSafe gives every user a public/private encryption key pair that secures data to the highest standards. You can hold or escrow your private keys to make sure no one can decrypt your data without specific authorization.

And you can add additional secure features to documents, like two-factor authentication using messages or facial recognition, or blockchain stamping with Ethereum to prove document ownership.

Learn more about public key infrastructure

Registered delivery of large or sensitive documents
You can control encryption keys to your data

Comply with data protection and financial regulation laws

Give your customers and clients full access to cloud-based document management software, without compromising on data security. MyDocSafe helps your business comply with all data protection laws and additional regulatory requirements – giving you complete peace of mind.

  • Know where your data is stored and how it’s protected

  • Keep your data in European storage servers for full GDPR compliance

  • Implement data residency in specific jurisdictions if required

  • Set redundancy backups to computers of your choice for extra security

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Integrate MyDocSafe with other document management systems

Connect your MyDocSafe to third party storage systems for efficient, seamless document management across your entire organization.

We can help you transfer files from costly, inflexible software to improve efficiencies and productivity in your business.

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The simple, secure, streamlined document management software