Automated checks with KYC / AML software

  • Real-time name, address and document verification

  • Incorporated into seamless on-boarding processes

  • Or used as a stand-alone service

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Background checks without the hassle.

  • Verify identity and documents in real time.

  • Verify a name, address and date of birth by cross-referencing this information against a range of verified databases. This includes a database of 1.2m stolen identities; you are notified when a red-flag alert is discovered, helping you prevent identity fraud.

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MyDocSafe for HR

Add KYC / AML checks into a seamless signup process.

  • Don’t keep your prospects waiting.  They may get impatient and go elsewhere.

  • Offer real time AML checks as part of your onboarding process.

Grow your business faster.

  • Hire faster and better.

  • Sign up new clients faster.

  • Delight your prospects with a fully automated end-to-end onboarding experience that includes identity verification, contract signing, and even payment collection.

MyDocSafe grow your business faster

Sell faster, hire better, work smarter.