Client onboarding solutions

  • Design and deploy end-to-end onboarding workflows.

  • Reduce ‘time to revenue’ from new prospects.

  • Hire faster

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Automate onboarding processes.

  • Design bespoke onboarding flows for every type or stakeholder: employee, client or investor.

  • Combine form filling, file upload, KYC / AML checks, contract signing and payment collection in one seamless process.

MyDocSafe - digital signature workflow
MyDocSafe for HR

Superior user experience.

  • Make a great first impression: send a beautiful email with a single secure link to the sign-up process.

  • Give every customer a free portal with their copies of all signed documents.

  • Build a new source of competitive advantage.  Taking too long to onboard your clients, staff or investors can cause financial and reputational loss.  Fast, accurate and secure onboarding is a new way to compete for talent, business, and capital.

Grow your revenue faster.

  • Signup new customers in minutes rather than days.

  • Improve data quality provided by prospects.

  • Reduce deal abort risk.

  • Cut costs with real-time AML/KYC checks that work in 132 countries.

MyDocSafe grow your business faster

Grow faster, work smarter.