MyDocSafe client portal software

  • Next generation client portals

  • Security by design and privacy by default

  • Doing business in the EU? Fulfill your GDPR obligations faster while providing a superior client experience

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Create separate portal groups for different types of stakeholders.

  • Give your clients, staff, investors, and shareholders an experience they deserve: set up a portal group for each of them through which you can share documents, videos and other information

  • Broadcast announcements to each portal group

  • Set up different Terms & Conditions for each portal group

Provide a secure space for sharing documents, messaging and information requests.

  • Each portal users receives separate login details

  • Security by design and privacy by default:  ring fence data and manage who can access it

MyDocSafe: safe your customers time

Fulfill your GDPR obligations faster.

  • Distribute and manage consent forms

  • Respond to requests regarding the right to data portability, the right to be forgotten, or the right to data access with a click of a button

  • Keep an audit trail for compliance

Do you need to find out more about GDPR?

  • What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation – see Wikipedia.

  • The wording of the regulation can be accessed here.

  • How to comply? 12 steps to take now – see ICO’s article.

  • Download our free reference guide or signup to our webinars

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