Secure document management software.

  • Fully-fledged DMS for professional services firms.

  • Granular access rights ideal for both internal teams and client management.

  • Encryption key management service available for extra protection.

  • Customer portals that show off your brand

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Granular access rights.

  • Not everyone in your team needs access to personal data of your clients.  Designate a data controller and grant them appropriate access rights.

  • Give each member of your team access rights suitable to their role: read-only, read/write, download, full access.

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MyDocSafe for HR

Customer portals that show off your brand.

  • Share your work through beautifully branded portals.

  • Use those portals to communicate with your stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders or auditors.

  • Securely transfer data with full audit trail: from payslips to deal bibles.

Automated filing of email attachments.

  • Are you fed up with important documents arriving by email?

  • Claim your free email address.

  • And forward those emails to your DocSafe.

  • We will detach, file and encrypt the attachments.

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MyDocSafe pick data residency

Comply with data protection laws.

  • Keep your data in America for compliance reasons.

  • Or ask us to store your data in a specific jurisdiction you require.

  • Set up a backup on a computer of your choice.

  • Secure document management software in the cloud is increasingly the only way to run a modern professional services firm. Especially if your clients require cloud access to their documents.  As a data controller you will need to know where that data lives and how it is protected.  We are designed with security and compliance in mind.

Registered delivery of large or sensitive documents.

  • Transfer documents without them having to leave the security of our system.

  • Keep delivery receipts and assess logs.

  • Treat us as your post office for large or sensitive files: from payslips and invoices to deal bibles and board packs.

MyDocSafe individually encrypted
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You can control encryption keys to your data.

  • Each user is issued with a public / private key pair.

  • You can hold or escrow your private keys to make sure no one can decrypt your data.

  • Learn more about public key infrastructure

  • Other security features include two-factor-authentication using messages or facial recognition

And more…

  • Dropbox integration for easy document import.

  • Xero integration for payslip distribution.

  • More integrations coming soon.

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