Simple, secure, streamlined tax document management software

MyDocSafe helps tax advisors store files, share documents and sign up new clients as quickly, easily and securely as possible. From tax questionnaires to engagement letters and payments, it’s the only tax management software you need to service your clients more efficiently and more effectively.

Automate employee onboarding processes icon

Faster fact-finding and automated on-boarding

  • Logic based fact find forms with field validation and automated address lookups.

  • Automatic integration with the Companies House in the UK

  • Mobile friendly

Automate employee onboarding processes icon
Design letters icon

Engagement letters design and e-signatures verification

  • Create a catalogue of your services and charges

  • Design your engagement letters, control their look and feel and branding

  • Pick required services from a drop down menu for automatic addition to the engagement letter

  • Send the engagement letter for digital signing.  Control who signs first.  Works on any devise.

Collect payments faster

Secure, seamless approval and payments

  • Upload your tax reports for approval by the client.

  • Specify the fee.

  • Require the client to pay before they can see and approve the return.

Collect payments faster

Tax document management software to sign up, service and retain clients