The faster, simpler all-in-one document security & e-sign software

Use MyDocSafe to effectively engage your clients through every stage of the pitching, onboarding and retention process.

MyDocSafe is the only document security and e-sign software you need to verify and manage all your documents online and automate all your compliance, onboarding and contract renewal processes. Enjoy more features to help you save time & effort. Benefit from more integrations to improve your efficiency. And get more engagement to drive your revenue.

Streamlining and Simplifying Our Customers’ Operations

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Stop wasting time chasing forms and filing paperwork
with advanced verification e-sign software

  • Contracts need signing? Letters of engagement requiring multiple signatures? Legal documents need approval by several stakeholders? Try MyDocSafe.

  • Seamless, streamlined e-sign software lets you effortlessly share all types of documents for signing. Upload files, add signatures fields and send to the relevant parties. It’s that simple.

  • And for extra peace of mind, advanced verification technology protects your documents, tracks signatures and helps you comply with all legal requirements.

You want security. Your customers demand simplicity.
MyDocSafe document security software delivers both.

Along with advanced e-signature verification technology, MyDocSafe secures all your sensitive documents with the same top-level encryption standard used by financial institutions.

  • Manage your own preferences and permissions to share or restrict document access

  • Share documents safely internally and externally with encrypted emails

  • Rest assured that all your files are securely stored and regularly backed-up with legally compliant practices

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Future proof your way to better customer engagement with simpler sign-ups, automated contract renewals and streamlined onboarding processes

To keep your prospects and clients engaged at every stage of the customer journey, you need the tools that deliver a simple, seamless experience. MyDocSafe has them all.

It’s the smarter way to propose, close and continually support your customers.

  • Simplify and streamline your proposals with a customisable workflow and entirely paperless quoting process

  • Close deals faster – and avoid administrative delays – with efficient, effective, multi-departmental workflows

  • Minimise non-billable, low-value time spent onboarding new clients with automatic document distribution, reminders, and notifications

  • Attract and retain top talent through a slick and fast employee onboarding process

Choose the more flexible, more cost-effective, more modern way to manage your digital office.

MyDocSafe is easy to use. It’s easy to save time and transform your operations. It’s easy to engage more customers.

With advanced e-signatures, bespoke client portals, ID checks and custom workflow processes all in one place, MyDocSafe delivers comprehensive document management tools that let you do more for less, cutting costs and improving productivity.

It’s the only document security software you need to speed up proposals, verify digital signatures, close more deals, boost customer loyalty and increase your bottom line.

One app instead of many. More secure, more productive, more cost-effective.

Over 10,000 companies around the world use MyDocSafe to sign documents or improve customer engagement processes

From accountancy practices to real estate agents, MyDocSafe supports every industry

The freedom to manage processes your way.
The flexibility to integrate with your existing systems.

Looking for a specific feature?

Verifiable e-signatures

Get advanced, verifiable e-signatures faster with MyDocSafe. Sign on any device and add optional 2-factor authentication.

Streamlined proposals

Engage prospects and close deals faster with customisable webforms, onboarding workflows and automated proposals from fact-finding to payment setup.

Secure portals

Create bespoke client portals for every customer, to securely share all types of documents, request approvals and provide an outstanding experience.

MyDocSafe on-the-go

Download the MyDocSafe mobile app for e-sign software, document management and file security on-the-go

The only document security software you need.