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My DocSafe e-signature solution

E-signature solutions

Faster deals, happier clients.

My Doc Safe - workflow design automation

Workflow automation

Design your own on-boarding processes

My Doc Safe - secure document management

Secure document management

Client portals, secure sharing and delivery.

MyDocSafe for sales

  • End-to-end client onboarding

  • Create and send proposal letters, electronically sign contracts

  • Automate KYC/AML checks

  • Collect payment

  • Design, deploy and monitor onboarding flows that fit your requirements

MyDocSafe for accountant
MyDocSafe for HR

MyDocSafe for hiring

  • Speed up your hiring process

  • Automate ID and right-to-work checks

  • Cut payslip distribution cost

  • Automate workplace compliance

MyDocSafe for relationship management

  • Interactive and secure stakeholder portals

  • Secure document sharing, distribution, archiving and encryption

  • Mobile apps for notifications, form filling and e-signing

Relationship management - MyDocSafe

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