API – embed our technology in your IT infrastructure

Embed our technology in your infrastructure with a document management API integration.

  • Electronic signature and secure document transfer.

  • Use swagger to generate ready made functions in the language of your choice.

  • View the documentation [here ].


Pay only for what you use.


Enhance your customer experience by embedding parts of our functionality into your existing systems.


Improve your sales processes by automating client sign-up flows.


Store your data in Europe or frankly, anywhere you need it to be.


Implement a user-centric approach to data storage.

  • Clients do not like home filing. They do not like to clean up their inboxes either.

  • Offer your clients beautifully branded portals where their documents will be automatically stored and encrypted.


Use blockchain to protect your data integrity.

  • Use our Ethereum smart contracts to improve your data integrity.  This is called ‘database anchoring’.

  • If you need to retrieve a backup copy of a database that has been stored away for a long time, how do you know that its integrity has not been compromised either by hardware malfunction or a hack?

  • Database anchoring is a way to protect data integrity by creating a fingerprint of it (called a ‘hash’) and placing it on a public blockchain.  Before a database copy can be confidently used again, one can compare the blockchain hash with the database hash obtained after retrieval.  If the hashes match – the database is sound. Otherwise, it is not.

Our API is publicly available. Contact us to gain access.

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