Client portals

Secure cloud portal CRM to share and sign documents and transact with your clients.

Ideal for job candidates going through interviews, employees who need payslips and handbooks and clients who need secure interactions

Quickly and easily share files, documents for signing, and data collection forms with customers. Embed structured onboarding worklfows, videos and brochures

Keep your clients’ data safe and your processes compliant with security by design, privacy by default

Upload client folders to secure cloud portals for faster, more efficient document management


Simply and securely share documents, messages and information requests

  • MyDocSafe is the quick, easy and safe way to share important files with your clients. Create individual client portals and upload all the documents you want to securely store and share.
  • Send contracts for filing, gather information with data collection forms and share images between yourself and your customers. From personal details to financial data, all information, files and documents are kept highly secure.
  • In other words, think of MyDocSafe as a CRM with client access – you keep all client information (not shared) and let your clients securely access their information (which is shared via portals)
  • Yes, we are a secure file sharing platform, but much more than just that – apart from file sharing through web portals you can have your clients electronically sign documents for free, fill out questionnaires, go through entire registration workflows, and pay you money.
mydocsafe customer portals

Streamline new customer onboarding with automated client portal software

  • Speed up proposals and onboard new clients with MyDocSafe’s customizable workflows

  • Create step-by-step customer journeys to automate the whole onboarding process, from first contact to signed contract

  • Seamlessly transition customers between departments, all within their bespoke client portal – so there are no hold ups

  • Manage access rights for individual documents or across the entire portal, to give different staff members and different departments the relevant permissions


Protect your clients’ data – without limiting accessibility

  • MyDocSafe’s client portal software helps you keep your clients’ data secure and fulfil your data protection obligations faster.

  • Each portal safely stores individual and organizational data, encrypted and stored on US servers. Use them to distribute, store and manage consent forms, or respond to subject access requests.

  • All portals can be searched to find required data, and full audit trails are always available to help your business comply.


Extend your unique customer experience through bespoke client portals

  • Deliver a seamless extension of your organization with fully customizable portals, branded with your own logo, colors and layout

  • Or add branding that matches your clients’ for added personalization

  • Customize each client experience with bespoke automatic processes including form filling, ID checks, payment requests, and contract signing

  • Create separate portal groups for different types of stakeholders to segment documents and information, with different broadcast announcements and terms & conditions for each group

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Broadcast message to streamline client communication

  • Send messages to groups of clients in bulk saving you time and space in your inbox.
  • Combined with portal document library, broadcasts are ideal for notifying your client base about confidential reports, new product releases or legal notices which you do not want to share through unencrypted email
  • No need for explicit consents – the fact they have accepted portal invites is enough to ensure implied consent.

Our portals are industry agnostic and highly customizable

  • Design your portal the way you want it to be
  • Embed bespoke wokflows that can comebine multiple actions such as document signing, filling out questionnaires, conducting ID verification tests and more
  • Used by professional services firms (accountants, lawyers, wealth managers, payroll bureaus, bookkeepers, consultants, recruiters, marketing consultants, corporate finance companies) through real estate companies (landlords, realstors) to industrial firms
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Our portals accomodate complex situations

  • One client needs access to multiple portals? No problem
  • Many clients need access to the same portals? You got it
  • Company directors need access to a portal, employees need access to subportals. Directors see employees’ portals but employees only see what is in their portal?  Of course
  • Your clients have portals from someone else? Yes, that how it works – a user can have access to portals given to them by different providers.  They can easily switch between them through a ‘switch’ button.  All portals are ring fenced and encrypted.
  • Each portal needs multiple worklfows for a multi-stage onboarding process? That is right!
  • And each workflow needs to trigger bespoke notifications to various users based on the status of the workflow? Indeed!

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Yes, you can upload a CSV file with client information and let us do the heavy lifting. We will invite each client to their own separate portal which will be cloned from a template that you set up beforehand.

Go to a specific portal, click on 'messages' and send a document upload request. The client will receive a secure upload link which they can use to drag/drop documents even without having to login to the portal.

For quotes and proposals, use our Prospects feature through which you can send out requests for payment, quotes, business proposal and pre-sale workflows that can include service selection, form filling, contract signing and more. If you want to sell through secure portals, create your checkout workflow templates and embed them in the portals. Each client will be able to see them and act on them independently of you.

The interface language defaults to the browser's preferred language if we have it available, or English, if we don't. Currently we support the interface in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Ukrainian. And English of course, in two flavors: UK and US. Do let us know if you require more languages!