MyDocSafe for Education

Create certificates of authenticity for your diplomas and degrees.

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Issue certificates of authenticity that show the stamp, NFT of degree documents and other information.

Securely share diplomas and degree documents in branded student portals

Have them signed digitally and stamped on a blockchain.

Simplify your document distribution process.

Cut the cost of verifying someone's degree, improve productivity and deliver a better experience to students and their employers.

Streamline e-signature collections with efficient, easy-to-use software.


Help your graduates find employment faster with automated degree verification service

  • Combine digital signatures with blockchain stamping to create trust-less certificates of authenticity
  • Save everyone time.
  • Stay compliant with data protection rules

Easily share sensitive information through branded portals

  • Deploy portals to securely store degree documents and certificates of authenticity.
  • Manage multiple school brands from within one account.

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Protect and manage degree documents with industry-leading security

  • Manage access to documents, folder or student portals on a granular level to prevent oversharing of sensitive information even within your team.
  • Stay protected with banking-grade public key cryptography that is used to encrypt your documents.

Add advanced security features where required

  • Use electronic signature with SMS verification or facial recognition checks.
  • Verify authenticity of e-signature through our verification page.

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