MyDocSafe SalesFlows

November (1) Release notes

We have released Sales Flows,  our e-commerce solution for professional services firms! SalesFlows replace Proposals and are included in all subscriptions at no extra cost.  We thought hard of an appropriate name for this new feature.  SalesFlows won because it does what it says on the tin: it is a combination of Sales and Workflows.  […]

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MyDocSafe Workflow template cloning

October (1) Release notes

Our workflows are becoming a power tool You can now download all workflow contents into a single pdf.   Imagine a client who went through 10 steps including filling out forms, uploading documents, and signing agreements.  All that content – including attached documents, are combined into a single PDF.  Use the feature to share onboarding files […]

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MyDocSafe new esign experience

September (1) Release notes

Welcome to our first September release announcement. Here is what is new: New e-sign experience We started upgrading our electronic signature user experience.  It is a multi-phase process because of a large number of scenarios our platform can be used for.  We started with ‘document approval’ – self-approving documents by end users in portals or […]

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August 2023 release notes

Welcome to our August 2023 release notes We have changed the name format of documents signed with MyDocSafe Docusign sends you 2 files: A summary document A pdf with this file format: Complete_with_Docusign_XXX where XXX is the file name of the original document We create a single document with the summary appended to it.  The […]

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