Zoho and MyDocSafe

MyDocSafe extension for Zoho projects

You can now use MyDocSafe directly from your Zoho projects account to send documents for signing quickly and efficiently. The easiest way to start is to follow the instructions on our page or go directly to our listing in Zoho’s marketplace. Just make sure you use the right marketplace – Zoho has several marketplaces that are […]

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MyDocSafe Price plans - new

January 2024 Release notes

Welcome to our January 2024 release notes.  Here is what is new: New pricing plans We have revamped our pricing plans to make them more affordable to low volume users. Existing subscribers can switch to new plans (but can’t move back to the old ones once they do). Internal users who are not account owners […]

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MyDocSafe SalesFlows

November (1) Release notes

We have released Sales Flows,  our e-commerce solution for professional services firms! SalesFlows replace Proposals and are included in all subscriptions at no extra cost.  We thought hard of an appropriate name for this new feature.  SalesFlows won because it does what it says on the tin: it is a combination of Sales and Workflows.  […]

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