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Eliminate paper in all forms

Work efficiently from anywhere: MyDocSafe enables your staff and clients to access, store, manage, and share documents from a secure cloud-based system.

Save time by reducing repetitive tasks: Streamline processes through automation. You can easily send and receive documents in batches, and files are automatically organized when returned to you after signing.

Grow and future-proof your business: Simplify day-to-day tasks for professional services staff so they are better positioned to move projects forward and make clients happier and more loyal.

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Deliver Better Results for Your Clients – and Your Business

  • MyDocSafe gives you a Paperless Document Management solution for all your internal and client documents.  Now, you can quickly find the file you need, when you need it, and share it securely with the right people
  • You can publish them to client portals if they need to be shared with clients.

Collect, store, share, and eSign files with ease

  • MyDocSafe gives you an electronic signature facility that does not require a separate licence saving you money and simplifying your Paperless Document Management infrastructure
  • Sign documents yourself or send them to third parties with ease.
  • Send one or more documents
  • Add security (from KBA, passwords to SMS verification)
mydocsafe customer portals

Attract More Clients and Grow Your Business

  • Want to save countless hours while making it easier for clients to do business with you?
  • Send them quotes and proposales in seconds which can include not just price quotes but entire end-to-end pre-sale workflows
  • Offer your clients secure portal access for post-sale onboarding workflows
  • Run deals through those portals (from simple esign and document exchange to complex transactions)
  • Use our AML/KYC hub to verify client identities and addresses

Save time by streamlining and automating workflows

  • With MyDocSafe, you can request and easily gather multiple documents from clients and colleagues from one email. Similarly, you can share one, twenty, or a thousand documents from another email.
  • With app integrations and the power of automation, you can reduce repetitive tasks and simplify your work day.
  • Use our easy to use workflow editor to assemble multiple client actions into one, linear step-by-step process: from questionnaires, payments, document signing to video watching and identity verification – the use cases are endless
mydocsafe customer portals

Maximize security and compliance

  • MyDocSafe’s document cloud storage solution delivers bank-level security with AES-256 bit encryption and SSL to protect your documents both at rest and while in transit. With MyDocSafe, you also get the tools you need to stay in compliance with worldwide regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

  • MyDocSafe is ISO27001 certified

And more…

automate your mission critical processes

end-to-end client onboarding workflows

business quotes and proposals, contracts, approvals and reminders

upselling workflow

A paperless workflow is the result of a decision by a company to reduce or eliminate paper documents from their offices, processes, and archives. Paperless workflows help increase efficiencies and streamline processes. A growing number of business leaders find that going paperless boosts productivity, leading to higher staff and client satisfaction. In MyDocSafe, we offer a workflow editor that is particularly useful to eliminate paper from client interactions such as pre-sale, onboarding, selling and document exchange.

Moving to a cloud-based document storage and management can serve as a catalyst for creating a paperless filing system. Although some businesses, especially in specific industries find it difficult to move away from paper documents entirely, existing paper archives and new incoming documents can be scanned in so that most files then exist in digital format.

Implementing a cloud-based document management system is the way to start the process. Once online document storage is in place, staff within an organization can work to digitize both new and existing documents, then update policies, procedures, and workflows to support a more efficient paperless environment.

Implementing a paperless office can boost productivity, reduce human errors, keep data more safe, improve customer satisfaction, create a better employee experience, help save trees (assist with sustainability efforts), and much more.

A document management system (DMS) gives 24/7 access to your files from wherever you are located. If you use a DMS in the cloud, you can access your system from any modern internet browser. The DMS also makes it easier to securely share documents with your staff, clients, and third-party contractors. Users you approve, like your employees or clients, can also access and upload documents into your DMS. A modern DMS also helps you send documents for signing and automate more complex processes: such as selling, client onboarding and brief taking.

A document management system and secure client portals have many benefits for business owners, their staff, and their clients. A DMS can simplify your everyday work life, giving you more time to focus on value-adding activities. One way it does this is by automating routine tasks. Just this alone can save your business hundreds of hours of work. For example, instead of using emails to exchange documents, your DMS should offer secure file sharing capabilities through a private client portal. This removes the manual steps of including attachments, writing an email, and sending it. Plus, the client portal is much more secure than emails. MyDocSafe offers extra features such as customisable folder templates, eSignature, and workflow automation. Reduce manual tasks with powerful integrations with the leading accounting and tax applications you already use and trust like BTC Software, Zoho, Office365, Logical Office, Xero and more. Your DMS should let you configure automatic notifications, create templates, and establish a centralized location for your information and important documents to live. Imagine sending a form for signature with one click, receiving a notification once it’s been signed, and having the executed document automatically saved in the correct folder in your DMS. It would save you and your business a lot of time. It also reduces manual, error-prone processes, like when someone accidentally saves a document in the wrong client folder. A client portal is a secure, private, and authenticated online platform that empowers businesses to better collaborate with clients. Using a secure client portal allows your customers to access their documents whenever they need to and from wherever they are. This frees up time for you that might have otherwise been spent sending (or resending) documents to customers.

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