End-to-end client onboarding

Shorten time from sale to revenue

Collect all required business and compliance information quickly

Evaluate client risks to enable informed go/no-go decisions without impeding deal closure.

Make your compliance team more efficient

mydocsafe customer portals

Deliver Better Topline faster

  • MyDocSafe gives you a powerful workflow automation toolset specifically designed to digitise end-to-end client onboarding processes for professional services firms.
  • Automate reminders
  • Know exactly where you are in the onboarding process every step of the way
  • Automate notifications – do not let your delivery team linger on

Design an onboarding experience fit for purpose

  • From linear multi step processes to complex, multi-party parallel workflows
  • Add logic breaks and pauses if human evaluation is required
  • Easily clone complex worklfows and adjust them for new use cases, jurisdictions or products
  • Ideal for wealth management, banking, accounting, law, tax and real estate
mydocsafe customer portals

Improve compliance

  • Increase quality of received data through validation rules
  • Automate AML/KYC checks including, identity and proof-of-address
  • Tick all the boxes faster

Save time by streamlining and automating workflows

  • With MyDocSafe, you can request and easily gather multiple documents from clients and colleagues from one email. Similarly, you can share one, twenty, or a thousand documents from another email.
  • With app integrations and the power of automation, you can reduce repetitive tasks and simplify your work day.
  • Use our easy to use workflow editor to assemble multiple client actions into one, linear step-by-step process: from questionnaires, payments, document signing to video watching and identity verification – the use cases are endless
mydocsafe customer portals

Maximize security and compliance

  • MyDocSafe’s document cloud storage solution delivers bank-level security with AES-256 bit encryption and SSL to protect your documents both at rest and while in transit. With MyDocSafe, you also get the tools you need to stay in compliance with regulations like GDPR.

  • MyDocSafe is ISO27001 certified

And more…

keep your client in the same system after onboarding

Use MyDocSafe client portals for project delivery

Keep KYC information up to date with self service ID verification services

Stay compliant with data protection regulations with automatic data retention rules and audit trails

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