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Assemble powerful business quotes and proposal templates

Save time by cloning entire pre-sale workflows or quotes and share them in seconds

Grow your client base by spending less time creating and sending proposals

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Deliver Better Topline faster

  • MyDocSafe gives you a solution specifically designed to sell professional services.  Now you can onboard your entire sales team and empower them to assemble end-to-end pre-sale or onboarding worklfows
  • Include quotes, payment requests, contract signing, form filling
  • Add marketing materials and videos
  • Take payments via Stripe or bill manually in arrears

Design a profitable pricing menu

  • Create a menu of services with flexible pricing in multiple currencies
  • Add sales taxes if required
  • Keep pricing in a centralised place to make sure your sales team prices services consistently
mydocsafe customer portals

Present services clearly & transparently

  • Split service types into sections for more clarity
  • Show your services in a transparent manner with clear pricing schema helping you manage client expectations upfront
  • Get a green light to proceed to contract with a click of a button

Save time by streamlining and automating workflows

  • With MyDocSafe, you can request and easily gather multiple documents from clients and colleagues from one email. Similarly, you can share one, twenty, or a thousand documents from another email.
  • With app integrations and the power of automation, you can reduce repetitive tasks and simplify your work day.
  • Use our easy to use workflow editor to assemble multiple client actions into one, linear step-by-step process: from questionnaires, payments, document signing to video watching and identity verification – the use cases are endless
mydocsafe customer portals

Maximize security and compliance

  • MyDocSafe’s document cloud storage solution delivers bank-level security with AES-256 bit encryption and SSL to protect your documents both at rest and while in transit. With MyDocSafe, you also get the tools you need to stay in compliance with worldwide regulations like HIPAA and GDPR.

  • MyDocSafe is ISO27001 certified

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upsell services via client portals

Embed self-service workflows in client portals

Showcase your marketing materials, videos and market insight reports

Get notified when a client buys through a portal

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Selling professional services involves offering expertise, skills, and knowledge to clients in exchange for payment. This typically involves a service-based business model where the product is the service itself, rather than a tangible good. Here are key aspects to understand about selling professional services: (a) Expertise and Knowledge: Professional services are provided by individuals or firms that possess specialized knowledge and skills. These could be in fields such as consulting, law, accounting, engineering, IT, marketing, healthcare, and more. (b) Client Relationships: The sale of professional services often hinges on building and maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with clients. This includes understanding their needs, providing tailored solutions, and delivering consistent value. (c) Customization: Unlike product sales, professional services are typically customized to meet the specific needs of each client. This requires a deep understanding of the client’s business, challenges, and goals. (d) Intangibility: Services are intangible, meaning they cannot be seen, touched, or stored. The value is derived from the expertise and outcomes delivered. This intangibility means that demonstrating value and building credibility is crucial. However, services can have tangible elements which need protection: contracts, blueprints, audio files, code. Use secure client portals for that. (e) Billing Models: Professional services can be billed in various ways, including hourly rates, project-based fees, retainer agreements, or performance-based pricing. The billing model chosen often reflects the nature of the service and the relationship with the client. Creating quotes that fit the pricing model is key - use our SalesFlows to set up your pricing menu. (f) Marketing and Sales Process: Selling professional services requires a different approach compared to products. It often involves networking, referrals, thought leadership (e.g., publishing articles, giving talks), and showcasing past successes to build credibility and attract clients. (g) Ethics and Professional Standards: Many professional services are governed by strict ethical standards and professional regulations. Adhering to these standards is essential to maintain trust and credibility in the market. (h) Service Delivery: The process of delivering professional services includes diagnosis (understanding the client’s problem), proposal (outlining how the service will address the problem), implementation (executing the service), and evaluation (assessing the outcomes and client satisfaction). (i) Continuous Improvement: Successful professional service firms continuously improve their offerings by staying updated with industry trends, investing in ongoing training, and adapting to the evolving needs of their clients. (j) Client Retention: Keeping existing clients is often as important as acquiring new ones. Providing high-quality service, maintaining regular communication, and delivering consistent value are key strategies for client retention. Use MyDocSafe client portals to keep clients informed about your services and embed self-service upselling workflows. In essence, selling professional services is about leveraging expertise to solve client problems, building strong relationships, and delivering customized, intangible value that meets or exceeds client expectations.