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The only enterprise email encryption software you need to secure your data.

Secure enterprise-grade email encryption to keep your clients’ information safe at all times

Send, receive and read encrypted emails – directly in Outlook

Seamlessly conduct business as usual while maintaining the highest levels of email security


Simple, secure email encryption software

  • Sending, receiving and reading encrypted emails via Microsoft Outlook is quick, easy and highly secure with MyDocSafe. Simply send via your inbox, and your recipient receives a notification in theirs.
  • They then login, read and reply to your email in MyDocSafe – keeping all data and information secure in the cloud. All messages remain stored securely in your client’s safe.
  • Your sent email is also securely encrypted in your Outlook Sent Items folder.

End-to-end enterprise email encryption, for those who demand extra security

Use MyDocSafe’s end-to-end encryption for any ultra-sensitive information or data that requires additional security measures:

  • MyDocSafe generates and distributes a public and private key pair
  • Everyone’s private key is stored locally, and the public key is stored centrally
  • Your message is encrypted locally with your recipient’s public key and is sent using your email system
  • Your recipient uses the Outlook plugin to decrypt the message using their private key

Messages are never stored in MyDocSafe – maximising the security of sensitive information


Keep control of your email encryption keys

Use MyDocSafe email encryption software to maintain full control over all encrypted emails:

  • Instantly revoke access to the plugin
  • Regenerate new access token with a single click for fast, additional security measures

Your private keys are only stored locally in your MyDocSafe Outlook plugin.


Start encrypting emails with one simple download

  • MyDocSafe works on Windows, iOS and in all major browsers. Get started here.
  • Want to use email encryption software without Outlook? Get in touch.

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