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Streamline the onboarding process for both your clients and your team with the only customer portal software you will need. With MyDocSafe, your onboarding will be convenient, efficient and secure. Sign up and start your free trial.

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Our Client Portal Software at a Glance

Ideal for job candidates going through interviews, employees who need payslips and handbooks and clients who need secure interactions.

Quickly and easily share files, documents for signing and data collection forms with customers. This has a lot of potential uses, especially when managing processes such as onboarding.

Keep your clients’ data safe and your processes compliant with security by design, privacy by default. All this can be ensured automatically with our intuitive and customisable client portal software.

Upload client folders to secure cloud portals for faster, more efficient document management.


Simply and securely share documents, messages and information requests

  • MyDocSafe is the quick, easy and safe way to share important files with your clients. Create individual client portals and upload all the documents you want to securely store and share.
  • Send contracts for filing, gather information with data collection forms and share images between yourself and your customers. From personal details to financial data, all information, files and documents are kept highly secure.

Streamline new customer onboarding with automated client portal software

  • Speed up proposals and onboard new clients with MyDocSafe’s customisable workflows
  • Create step-by-step customer journeys to automate the whole onboarding process, from first contact to signed contract
  • Seamlessly transition customers between departments, all within their bespoke client portal – so there are no hold ups
  • Manage access rights for individual documents or across the entire portal, to give different staff members and different departments the relevant permissions

Protect your clients’ data – without limiting accessibility

  • MyDocSafe’s client portal software helps you keep your clients’ data secure and fulfil your data protection obligations faster.
  • Each portal safely stores individual and organisational data, in line with GDPR permissions. Use them to distribute, store and manage consent forms, or respond to subject access requests.
  • All portals can be searched to find required data, and full audit trails are always available to help your business comply.

Extend your unique customer experience through bespoke client portals

  • Deliver a seamless extension of your organisation with fully customisable portals, branded with your own logo, colours and layout
  • Or add branding that matches your clients’ for added personalisation
  • Customise each client experience with bespoke automatic processes including form filling, ID checks, payment requests, and contract signing
  • Create separate portal groups for different types of stakeholders to segment documents and information, with different broadcast announcements and terms & conditions for each group

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Our simple, secure and streamlined client portal software is bound to deliver an exceptional onboarding experience, not just for your customers but also for your team.

The fact that everything from the micro-processes to the design elements can be customised adds another degree of personalisation that will surely keep your clients satisfied and at ease.

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