Application Overview

MyDocSafe is a comprehensive document management application that offers secure and efficient solutions for businesses and individuals. With MyDocSafe, you can

  • easily protect, sign, and store your important documents in a highly secure environment.
  • seamlessly manage your files,
  • collaborate with others, and streamline your document workflows.

Experience the convenience of digital signatures, encrypted file storage, and advanced access controls. Trust MyDocSafe to safeguard your sensitive information while providing a user-friendly and feature-rich platform for all your document management needs.

In other words, MyDocSafe is a client portal and electronic signature platform that helps companies secure and streamline the way they register and work with clients online. We automate entire mission critical processes such as registration workflows of clients, employees, investors, suppliers and directors.  We secure data through bank grade encryption.  We offer white labelled client portals that are highly configurable and easy to use empowering companies to provider slick experience to their clients.

For a detailed description of all our features and account set-up instructions go to MyDocSafe knowledge Database or login to your account, click on the help button (top right of the screen) and type “setup” or “set-up”.

The can also watch a nubmer of videos on our YouTube channel.