Employee Onboarding

The only employee onboarding software you need to get new hires started sooner

Speed up information gathering, ID checks and contract signing with automated workflows

Reduce the time between job offer and start date by merging department processes

Securely send new employee packs, sensitive information and payslips with branded cloud-based portals


Reduce admin and start new hires faster with automated onboarding processes

  • MyDocSafe delivers all the tools you need to quickly and easily build custom workflows to onboard new employees. No chasing forms. No filing paperwork. No waiting around.
  • It’s the fastest way to get your new hires started in their roles.
  • Create custom information gathering forms with obligatory fields and conditional answers to reduce delays by automating new employee data collection and preventing improperly filled forms. Then combine with ID checks, right-to-work checks and contract signing to avoid frustration and hold-ups in the new starter process.
  • All secure. All paperless. All streamlined.

Increase productivity and promote a strong brand to employees

When a prospective employee accepts a job offer, you want to make them a part of your organisation as quickly as possible. MyDocSafe is the fast, easy-to-use employee onboarding software for your entire business.

  • Fully customisable portals build your brand with new employees from the outset
  • Multi-department workflows let the onboarding process move seamlessly between HR, Legal and Accounting
  • Staff from each department quickly and securely share new starter packs, company policies and documents for signing
  • HR spends less time on unnecessary admin and your new hires start sooner

Comply with data protection laws and stay on the right side of regulatory procedures

  • Eliminate unsafe, unencrypted emails by sending and requesting sensitive information securely via MyDocSafe
  • Store your employee data in Europe to comply with GDPR regulations – or implement data residency in a specific jurisdiction
  • Set back-ups of all your employee information to a local computer of your choice
  • Automate compliance checks to ensure nothing is missed – and maintain a full log of all actions to keep your business audit-ready

Securely distribute payslips with your employee onboarding software

  • MyDocSafe can also be used to securely send regular sensitive employee documents like payslips and end-of-year tax forms.
  • Quickly and automatically distribute payslips to each employee portal with one click, sending notifications directly to your employees’ smartphones.
  • Secure and efficient, your accounts team can stop worrying about unsafe PDFs, manual filing and forgotten passwords.

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