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Streamline deals, verifications and approvals with the only electronic signature software you will need.

Our Electronic Signature Software at a Glance

Using our electronic signature app, simply upload a file, add a signature box and send. The platform will forward it for signing, notify you once it’s done and automatically store the document.

Engage new clients, renew contracts, request approval and get verifiable confirmation with advanced e-signatures Close deals faster with automatic notifications and reminders – and stop waiting around for those business-critical signatures

Save time. Save effort. Save money with MyDocSafe. Our e-signature software guarantees security while delivering a convenient and efficient experience for your clients and your team.

Are you fed up paying more than you need to? From Docusign through AdobeSign to Signable - compare the pricing and if they can beat us - let us know.


Reduce your admin time with quicker, simpler electronic signature software

  • Streamline your workflow by sending documents for signing directly from Microsoft Outlook or any major web browser. Then automate reminders to ensure no document sits unread, waiting to be signed – and save your team the hassle of chasing. And to check the status of any document on-the-go, just login to the mobile app.
  • You can even integrate payments, contracts and approvals into your document signing process – quickly and simply – to keep your business running smoothly.

And save your customers’ time with easier, faster electronic signing software.

  • Sign any document in seconds without the need to login. Just click to open and click to sign. MyDocSafe gives you several different advanced signature options, each legally-binding and fully verifiable.
  • Your customers simply sign, we handle all the technical verification details. Users can then download a copy directly to their device, or claim their free MyDocSafe storage with encryption protocols for extra security.

Speed up regular processes with automatic customisation

  • Cut unnecessary paperwork with MyDocSafe’s powerful mail-merge capability, perfect for renewing contracts, terms of business agreements or any other template-based documents
  • Simply select the relevant fields for customisation and merge each document with bespoke, personal data for each recipient
  • Send and repeat to large groups of people, where multiple individual signatures are required, without the extra admin time

Faster business to increase your revenue

  • No waiting around to close deals – make electronic signing a seamless, automatic part of your proposal process
  • No lost time sharing documents for multi-party signing – send simultaneously or auto distribute to the next recipient in a round robin contract

Save money and boost security with MyDocSafe

  • MyDocSafe is the only electronic signing software you need to reduce physical costs associated with securing signatures and improve the productivity of all departments in your business.
  • All with best-in-class security as standard. Plus you can add extra security features if required, including two-factor authentication with SMS codes and escrowing private encryption keys with a reputable third party.
  • Any user can verify the authenticity of an electronic signature here.
  • If required, procure qualified electronic signatures from a range of European trust services providers

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With an intuitive and straightforward user interface, guaranteed protection, automatic customisation and advanced e-signature features, your clients and your organisation can enjoy secure, convenient and efficient approvals, verifications and transactions.

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