MyDocSafe for Real Estate

End-to-end tenant onboarding system for commercial landlords

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Renew contracts and agreements faster and more securely

Cut new client onboarding time in half

Manage tenant and property risk more efficiently

Improve customer engagement, close more deals and deliver a more seamless experience

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Speed up sales with custom risk management scorecards

  • Calculate client risk with bespoke and comprehensive scorecards
  • Delegate scoring authority, escalate decision making, keep track of all decisions.
  • Comply with GDPR

Automate onboarding processes to close property agreements faster

  • Standardise your process
  • Collect data, check identity and documents, sign contracts
  • Collect your fees and deposits
  • Take the stress, delays and errors out of the equation.
  • Save everyone filing time.
  • Become more sustainable and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Monitor progress, automate reminders and alerts.

Improve contract renewal rate with quick, easy document management

  • Track data changes during the tenure of your agreements.
  • Request updates only for documents or data that have expired.
  • Minimise data re-entry.
  • Full audit trail throughout.

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