MyDocSafe Portal Dashboard Page released and other items

MyDocSafe Portal Home Page

Welcome to March 2024 release notes.  We have quite a few new features we want to share with you.

The biggest feature in this release is the Portal Dashboard or a Portal Home Page

MyDocSafe Portal Home Page

It transforms client experience.  You can now publish a Dashboard that serves multiple purposes:

  • publish a welcome message with your contact information or general instructions
  • see notifications relevant to the portal activity
  • leave comments (we will periodically notify all portal users about their existence – so to read them they will have to login to the portal to preserve privacy)

You can see all enabled portal navigation tabs on the left hand side.  The list of existing portal users is visible below it.  You can easily add or remove users via the gear box icon.

How to activate the new Dashboard?

  • Just create a portal group – the Dashboard will appear automatically
  • Note that the Dashboard will not show up by default in portal groups that you created before this release.  You will have to tell the system you want to enable it.  To do it, navigate to Portals, select your portal group, go to Settings and then click “open portal tab configuration” button.  Then click on the Dashboard on the left and drag it to the top of the list on the right as shown below.  You may also want to remove the “Home” tab as it is no longer required.  Finally  click ‘save’.

MyDocSafe Portal Home Page Settings

We can now charge upfront or in arrears for your service.

You can now determine if your quote should include upfront charges or in arrears charges.  If you also request a payment, you can include a service in the payment or not (in which case you agree to charge the client manually in arrears later).  This is particularly useful if you charge an hourly or a daily rate and simply cannot know how much the client should pay just yet.  All you are showing are your rates.  Just select the ‘tick box’ or the ‘clock’ icon.

MyDocSafe Services widget in Sales Flows 2

If you do not require a payment, you will only show your client how you intend to charge them.

MyDocSafe Services widget in Sales Flows 1

The services will be grouped and shown to the client like this:

MyDocSafe billing in arrears 1

Auto-upgrade feature

Finally, we have created an auto-upgrade feature, which is turned on by default in all new accounts, which will move a subscription to a higher level automatically if you hit your usage limits before the end of the billing period.  This is particularly useful during a peak season, when you may run out of esign credits or client user licneces, but the owner of the account (who is the only person with access to subscription settings) is not available.


Happy Easter to you all!

To find out more about MyDocSafe client portals, go here.