MyDocSafe Portal Home Page

MyDocSafe Portal Dashboard Page released and other items

Welcome to March 2024 release notes.  We have quite a few new features we want to share with you. The biggest feature in this release is the Portal Dashboard Page or a Portal Home Page It transforms client experience.  You can now publish a Dashboard that serves multiple purposes: publish a welcome message with your […]

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MyDocSafe Broadcast

MyDocSafe July 2023 release notes

Welcome to our July 2023 release note.  Here is what is new: Request Files are now Messages “Request files” feature has been retired and has been replaced by ‘messages’ feature. You can now send unencrypted messages to portal users and include a secure document upload link in the message.  To enable ‘messages’, go to your […]

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MyDocSafe Workflows Dashboard

MyDocSafe June 2023 release notes

Welcome to our June 2023 release note.  Here is what is new: Workflows dashboard we added search and sorting for easier data lookup.   Note that ‘Home’ dashboard shows all workflows started across all portal groups and portals.  If you are interested in looking at worklfows started in a specific Portal Group, you can ither sort […]

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