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Design and deploy secure, custom webforms in seconds, embed in portals for security and to collect forms signature

Choose from a wide selection of templates to gather prospect information

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Don't have time to build your forms? Consider our concierge service - we will turn your paper forms into a logic-based digital format which can be deployed on their own or part of onboarding workflows or sales proposals.


Ask smarter questions with MyDocSafe eForms

  • With a wide range of customizable widgets, creating your own smart eForm is quick, simple and highly effective.

  • Choose from text fields, email address fields, dates, multiple choice questions, file uploads and more.

  • Set conditional questions and use embedded logic to show or hide parts of the form depending on the selections users make.


Secure easier and more valuable responses

  • MyDocSafe’s smart eForm software is the fast, efficient and engaging way to share surveys, fact-finding documents and other information requests with prospects and customers.

  • Branded to your business, it’s quick and easy for users to complete – so they’re more likely to do so. Each eForm also has built-in data functionality to make sure you receive information in the right format (and prevent questions being skipped).

  • You get smarter, usable data that’s always protected to the highest security levels.


Integrate eForms into automated workflows

Every eForm you create can be positioned in custom workflows and onboarding processes:

  • Combine them with ID checks, contract signing and payment collection

  • Monitor progress in real time and send automated reminders to complete

  • Streamline productivity with templated forms that can be automatically personalized

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MyDocSafe Forms & Questionnaires is a tool designed to simplify the creation, distribution, and management of forms and surveys. It helps you collect and organize information efficiently from clients, employees, or other stakeholders.

To create a new form or questionnaire: log in to your MyDocSafe account. Go to Documents and create a Form via the "plus" button. Import a template or select any of 20+ data widgets to assemble your form. You can share it straight after saving it. Use the preview button to see what it will look like from end-user's perspective.

Yes, MyDocSafe offers a variety of templates that you can use as a starting point. These templates are customizable to fit your specific needs and branding. We can also build you a template, should you require such a service.

Once your form or questionnaire is ready you can share it in multiple ways: email a request to your respondents via MyDocSafe, or share or publish a link to the form. All data submitted by your respondents will be stored next to form definition and can be easily viewed, edited and exported.

Yes, MyDocSafe provides real-time tracking of responses. You can see who has completed the form, view their answers, and analyze the collected data through your dashboard.

Respondents can fill out the forms and questionnaires by clicking on the link provided in the email or shared with them. They can complete the form online and submit their responses directly through MyDocSafe. If the form is embedded in their portal, the respondents will need to login first. The benefit is that they will be able to save their data as a draft and come back to it at a later stage.

Yes, MyDocSafe ensures the security of your forms and questionnaires with advanced encryption and secure data storage. Only authorized users can access the collected data.

Yes, you can export the responses as CSV, for further analysis or integration with other tools. Simply navigate to the form, select the export option, and choose your preferred format. Use Zapier integration to export forms to other tools.

Yes, MyDocSafe supports integration with various third-party applications, such as CRM systems, email marketing tools, and data analysis platforms. Check our integrations page for a complete list of supported software. You can also embed our forms inside more complex client registration workflows or business proposals and require your clients to fill them out and then electronically sign a pdf version of the form they filled. This way you get the best of both worlds: the raw data as well as an immutable document.

Yes, you can configure automated notifications to alert you when a form is submitted. You can set up email notifications that can go to any person of your choice.

We offer a large number of data types: Simple text field, Paragraph text field, Date, Email, Address (with lookup from Google or UK Post Office Address File), Company Lookup (various national registries), Multiple Choice Questions, Checkbox Questions, Yes/No questions, File uploads, Phone number, Country, Table, Ability to make calculations based on Table data, Rating and more. You can create conditional statements to show/hide sections of the form based on provided answers. You can also introduce data validation rules using simple algebraic conditions as well as complex formatting requirements.