Communicating with clients via portals mydocsafe

Communicating with clients through client portal software: picking the right tone of voice and medium

Secure client portals are designed to be communication hubs, but with a large number of communication mediums available, one needs to carefully design one’s communication strategy with clients in order to hit just the right notes.  From the right tone, through the right frequency and the right content, how you communicate will impact cusotmer satisfaction […]

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Client Portals for Tax Accountants - a case study

Client Portals for Tax Accountants – a case study

The complex world of US tax accountants US tax accountants face several challenges in their profession: keeping up with the constantly changing tax laws and regulations, increasing pressure to provide more value-added services to clients, such as financial planning and advisory services and unrealistic client expecations, who do not understand the complexities of the tax […]

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