Beyond questionnaires – the benefits of using data onboarding tools

Beyond questionnaires – the benefits of using data onboarding tools In today’s digital landscape, software companies are constantly competing to gain new clients and maintain existing ones. One way they can stand out from the competition is by offering clever data onboarding tools. These tools help software companies entice clients away from competitors by making […]

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A secure document upload link – what is it and how to use it

Are you fed up when clients keep sending you confidential information through unencrypted email?  Have your customers complained that you are not offering a secure alternative? Despite security conserns we continue using unencrypted email for business.  Encrypted email services are still rather cumbersome to use and even though they are widely available, are still limited […]

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Data protection after Brexit – what now?

Data protection after Brexit is a complex and evolving topic that is not good news to UK business.   SMBs are likely to be hardest hit with larger companies.   The main problem is that data protection is not dealt with in much detail in the Trade Agreement, although it includes a ‘temporary bridge’ mechanism for the […]

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