Proof of address test is now available and other news

Proof-of-address test in MyDocSafe

Welcome to May 2024 release notes.  We have quite a few new features we want to share with you.

  1. ID verification services
    1. We added proof-of-address tests which are now available via Yoti in our worklfowsProof-of-address test in MyDocSafe
    2. To enable them either edit the ID verification widget in a workflow or, if you would like your portal users to run their own tests, enable the setting on the Portal Group level (Portals/Portal Group/Settings/ID verification)
  2. Selling to Prospects
    1. Your clients can now easily see full service description when approving the quote.  Make sure you add service descriptions in your service settings (Home/Salesflows). MyDocSafe Services Description 1
    2. They will automatically become visible via a tooltip:
    3. MyDocSafe Services Description in workflows 2
    4. You can now add hyperlinks to message pages.  Just type your links or email addresses, we’ll recognize them and make them clickable.  Pages will open in new tabs.  Clicking on email addresses will open your default email clientMyDocSafe Adding Hyperlinks to Message Widget
  3. Other features
    1. Multiple document downloading including folders is now enabled
    2. The ‘tick box’ field used when signing documents can now be made obligatory