Samples of Business Proposals That Seal the Deal

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A well-crafted proposal can make all the difference between winning a lucrative contract or being left behind. Whether you’re pitching a new product, service, or partnership, a compelling business proposal serves as your ticket to success. To inspire your next proposal endeavor, let’s explore some samples of business proposals that seal the deal.   We will then show you how to unlock your success with MyDocSafe.

What is a Business Proposal

Obviously, we do not mean the famous Korean TV Series.  We define a business proposal as a quote, service offering or pre-sales workflow sent to a prospective client.  It may or may not require a payment or identity verification.  But it definitely includes a response to an RFP (request for proposal) or an inquiry.  It is definitely NOT a cold email.

The Principles

Here are a few principles of what the proposal should include in terms of content and structure based on your industry

  1. The Comprehensive Solution Proposal: Imagine you’re a software development company vying for a major contract with a corporate client. Your proposal goes beyond just offering a product.  It presents a comprehensive solution tailored to the client’s specific needs.  Moreover, it includes an in-depth analysis of the client’s challenges, a detailed project plan outlining the development process.  Maybe even a breakdown of costs and timelines, and testimonials from satisfied clients who purchased similar solutions. This proposal demonstrates your understanding of the client’s pain points and your ability to deliver a customized solution that addresses their needs effectively.
  2. The Creative Pitch Proposal: Let’s say you’re a marketing agency pitching your services to a potential client in the fashion industry. Your proposal goes beyond the traditional format and embraces creativity to capture the client’s attention. It includes visually stunning design elements, such as mood boards, mock-ups, and sample campaigns, to showcase your creative prowess and vision for their brand. The proposal tells a compelling story about how your agency can elevate their brand identity.  How it can increase brand awareness, and drive sales through innovative marketing strategies. This proposal not only demonstrates your creativity but also leaves a lasting impression on the client.
  3. The Partnership Proposal: Suppose you’re a small business looking to form a strategic partnership with a larger company.  Perhaps to expand your market reach or as part of a revenue sharing agreement.  Your proposal emphasizes the mutual benefits of collaboration and highlights the synergies between your organizations. It outlines the specific goals and objectives of the partnership.  It defines the resources and expertise each party brings to the table.  It mentions the potential outcomes and opportunities for growth. The proposal also includes a clear roadmap for how the partnership will work, ensuring transparency and accountability. This proposal demonstrates your readiness to forge a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and collaboration.
  4. The Value-Driven Proposal: Consider a scenario where you’re a consulting firm competing for a government contract to provide advisory services. Your proposal focuses on delivering tangible value and measurable results to the client. It includes case studies, success stories, and ROI projections.  All of these demonstrate the impact of your services on similar projects or organizations. The proposal also emphasizes your team’s expertise, certifications, and track record.   Success stories of delivering high-quality results on time and within budget help as well.  By quantifying the value you bring to the table, this proposal instills confidence in the client.  It also positions your firm as the ideal partner for their project.

These examples of business proposals illustrate the power of strategic thinking, creativity, and value proposition in winning deals.  Whether you’re crafting a proposal for a new project, partnership, or client engagement, remember to tailor your approach to the specific needs of your audience.  With a compelling proposal in hand, you’ll be well-positioned to unlock new opportunities, forge meaningful partnerships, and drive success for your business.

What should those proposals look like?

With MyDocSafe you can craft your proposals in infinite ways, store them as templates and send them out quickly.  Here are a few snapshot of several must haves that usually draw positive responses:

A single document

The simplest proposal is simply a single document with or without a welcome page that includes a thank you page.  A thank you page is important as it can include a call to action such as a request for a call back.

MyDocSafe Business Proposal example 1


Multimedia introduction

Add a video introduction or a marketing brochure to the beginning of the proposal.  Bring in a personal touch or an impresive multi-media overview of your offering that would otherwise not get the time of day.

MyDocSafe Business Proposal example 2


A detailed price quote

A detailed price quote can comfortably live in an offer document.  But if you want to ask for a commitment fee or an upfront payment, add a Services step to the workflow.  You can show the list of your services bundled into sections, with detailed prices, units, and taxes, if applicable.  If using Stripe, you can decide if you want to ask for payment once the quote is accepted or set up a recurring subscription for some of the services.   You can also specify which services will be charged in arrears (for example if you present your hourly charges).

MyDocSafe Business Proposal example 3 USD

Ask for a signature on the Terms and Conditions

You can add further details – once a quote is accepted and payment made, why not ask the user to sign on your T&Cs? This way you not only set up a payment method and potentially initiate a payment but also get a legal commitment.

End-to-end onboarding

Although at this stage you may decide to move the onboarding process to a client portal, nothing stops you from adding further steps to the workflow, including a detailed enagement letter as well as an ID verification step.

A note on business proposal templates

The importance of creating business proposal templates that can be easily reused cannot be overstated. These templates serve as invaluable tools for streamlining the proposal creation process, saving time and resources while ensuring consistency and professionalism across all communications with clients and partners. By investing the effort to develop well-designed and customizable proposal templates, businesses can reap numerous benefits.

  • Firstly, they enable teams to work more efficiently, allowing them to focus on refining and tailoring content rather than starting from scratch with each new proposal. This efficiency not only accelerates the proposal creation process but also empowers teams to pursue more opportunities and stay ahead of competitors.
  • Secondly, reusable proposal templates uphold brand consistency and integrity. With predefined styles, formatting, and messaging, templates ensure that all proposals align with the company’s branding guidelines.  Moreover, they convey a cohesive image to clients and stakeholders. Consistent branding builds trust and credibility, reinforcing the company’s reputation in the eyes of potential clients and partners.
  • Furthermore, reusable proposal templates facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organization. By centralizing best practices, key messaging, and proven strategies within templates, sales teams can sell faster.   This collaborative approach fosters innovation, encourages cross-departmental cooperation, and enhances the quality of proposals produced.
  • Additionally, reusable proposal templates enable businesses to adapt and iterate their strategies more effectively in response to feedback.   By collecting data on proposal performance and incorporating learnings into template updates, organizations can continuously refine their approach.   Such refinements optimize their chances of success in future endeavors.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where time is of the essence and competition is fierce, the ability to quickly and effectively create compelling proposals can make all the difference. By embracing the concept of “strategic content” wrapped up in “reusable proposal templates”, businesses can streamline their operations, enhance their brand presence, foster collaboration, and ultimately, drive growth and success in the marketplace.

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