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My DocSafe e-signature solution

E-signature solutions

Sign documents faster on any device.

My Doc Safe - workflow design automation

Workflow automation

Automate client signup, improve compliance and customer experience.

My Doc Safe - secure document management

Secure document management

Offer your clients and employees portals for secure document exchange, chat and more.

Relationship management - MyDocSafe

MyDocSafe for client onboarding and communication

  • Improve your efficiency through interactive and secure stakeholder portal technology that can be easily embedded into your IT infrastructure

  • Minimise non-billable time and low value added time through automatic document distribution, reminders, notifications and paperless onboarding

  • Lower your compliance and reputation risks by encrypting your client communications

MyDocSafe for HR

  • Attract and retain top talent through a slick and fast employee onboarding process

  • Build a reputation of a paperless employer who treats time of its staff as the most precious resource

MyDocSafe for HR
MyDocSafe for accountant

MyDocSafe for sales

  • Never miss a bonus because of delays in deal completion

  • Maximise deal value through a professional and fast KYC and an onboarding process that delights your clients

  • Never lose a client because of cumbersome paperwork

MyDocSafe for Compliance

  • Speed up your client signup processes

  • Minimise deal abort risk

  • Improve compliance and audit costs

  • Provide an excellent client experience

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