MyDocSafe June 2023 release notes

MyDocSafe Workflows Dashboard

Welcome to our June 2023 release note.  Here is what is new:

  1. Workflows dashboard

    1. we added search and sorting for easier data lookup.   Note that ‘Home’ dashboard shows all workflows started across all portal groups and portals.  If you are interested in looking at worklfows started in a specific Portal Group, you can ither sort the ‘Home’ dashboard by Portal Group (the right most column below) or go to the relevant Portal Group where a pre-filtered dashboard is also available.
    2.   MyDocSafe Workflows Dashboard
  2. ID verification in portals

    1. You can now define your own instruction which the client will see before starting the process.  The instruction will appear in the client’s portal, in the tab hosting the ID verification steps.   This new utility, although simple, must not be understated.  It is often better to over-communicate rather than leave the client interface without written clues.   Over-verbosity has an advantage of minimising client inquiries, saving you time and empowering the client to complete the tasks without handholding.MyDocSafe Client Portal Settings Identity verification prompt
    2. The client’s view is shown below:
    3. MyDocSafe Client Portal Settings Identity verification prompt - client view
  3. Dropbox and Google Drive connectivity

    1. We have moved the connector from Personal Settings to Company settings to reflect our new implementation of the connector.   From now on, only one connection per account is allowed.  This improves cybersecurity as there is one-to-one relationship between MyDocSafe and an external storage provider.  Note that all company users will gain access to the connected account.  If you need to import data into MyDocSafe from a private Dropbox or Google Drive account make sure that you remove other administrators first.MyDocSafe and Dropbox and Google Drive integrations
  4. Creating client portals in bulk has now become much easier.

    1. Instead of having to copy and paste CSV data in a specific format, which required users to manipulate their data in Excel using a complex formula, we have now made our data onboarding tool available for that task.  What you now need is the CSV file which you can map into specific fields using a simple wizard.
    2. MyDocSafe Creating Portals in Bulk wizard
  5. Electronic signature improvements

    1. We made it more obvious that each signature field dropped onto the document is editable.
    2. It is now easier to configure the document (we started improving the wizard – this process will continue and as always, we welcome any comments and suggestions)

MyDocSafe Electronic Signature fields are editable


About us:

MyDocSafe is a client management software vendor, offering web portals, electronic signatures, questionnaires, quotes and proposals and registration workflows.