New Dashboard for Workflows, data onboarding tools and more

MyDocSafe Workflows Dashboard

New features released on May 15th, 2023

1. Workflow management has just got easier.

Your Home screen now features a new Workflows Dashboard which lists all workflows across all portal group with their statuses, latest changes and links to portals and workflows.  You no longer need to check the status of a workflow by navigating to a portal.  MyDocSafe Data Dashboard 1

Each portal group now features a similar dashboard but with workflows originating from that portal group.

MyDocSafe Data Dashboard 2

Note that you can attach your own statuses to each step of the workflow.  Once that step is completed (or started) you can trigger

  • a status change which will be reported on the dashboard
  • an email to one or more company roles (i.e. users with a particular company role)


2. New data onboarding tools.

Our CRM Contact Records now feature our own data onboading tool letting users to upload contacts from a CSV file.  We will be rolling out this new CSV uploader across different areas of MyDocSafe.  If you think that your own clients might benefit from using such a tool in their portals, do get in touch.


MyDocSafe Data Dashboard 3

Read more about the importance of data onboarding here.

3. Other changes

  • We have moved our Knowledge Database to Intercom.  You can access it via the “?” icon in the top right of your account
  • We have improved the user interface of the esign wizard – and will continue working on it
  • Usual bug fixes