New webform features: the rating widget and images

mydocsafe qustionnaires

We have introduced two improvements to our webforms:

  1. We created a new widget you can use in our webforms: the rating widget. It is particularly useful if you would like to give your clients an opportunity to express their level of satisfaction after they complete the workflow or if you are asking them to rate your service or product.  In your webform editor you can select the new widget and configure it easily:  mydocsafe webforms new widget 1


An ideal place for this widget is at the end of a lengthy workflow or registration process.  From client’s perspective, the widget can look like this:

mydocsafe webforms new widget 2

2. Our “static text widget” is mostly used to show your client instructions or context related to the webform they are about to fill.  We have added the ability for you to insert an image which can be very impactful if you have ready-made digital assets which you would like to show to your clients to aid the process:mydocsafe webforms new widget 3