Native mobile applications

  • Your own native mobile apps for Android and iOS

  • A cost effective way to improve customer engagement

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Increase your brand exposure.

  • Your own app listings in iOS and Android stores.

  • Claim your space on your clients’ handsets

  • Quick setup process

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Stay connected with your clients.

  • Automatic push notifications

  • Built in chat

  • Onboarding experience including your video and brochure

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Give your clients access to your business.

  • 24/7 access to client documents – see client portals for more

  • Inform your client of new product and service launches

  • Make it easy for them to sign up

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Native branded mobile apps – an opportunity to build client confidence and loyalty.

A decent mobile application costs at least £8,000 but the costs can skyrocket quickly if your list of requirements is long.  Updates and maintenance can add up quickly as well.  We advise against that strategy because there are more cost effective methods.


Our view is that is it better to wrap an existing client portal app into a branded mobile application.  This way your mobile app is not going to be an expensive pet project that fails or a useless business card if it does not.  Instead it can be a fully functioning transaction platform.  Any updates to the underlying portal technology should seamlessly benefit all mobile app users.

It is worth an investment?

With an app featuring your brand you can increase your brand exposure, stay connected with your clients and give them more access to your business.  You can provide them with a slick onboarding experience,  a secure portal to upload, view and sign documents, and chat. You can also push bespoke notifications especially about your new marketing collateral, videos and reports and send them reminders about upcoming deadlines.  You could even collect payments.


In other words, if done properly, a branded mobile app can be both your e-commerce shopping window and an effective way to securely exchange information with your clients.

What is the process?

With MyDocSafe, the process can be as simple as submitting a logo and your order.   It usually takes between two to four weeks from start to finish.  If your requirements go beyond our portal functionality, the process is likely to be more complex especially if additional features are required such as Touch ID or third party integrations.  The cost could then be higher and the time to complete longer.